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Data extraction with PHP Parsing data with XML, PHP and Java

Whether extracting data from a bit stream, database, XML feed, or nearly any other application, we have the experience and expertise to custom build a data capturing solution that will work for you without breaking the bank. We work with many different types of data, languages, and protocols, including XML and related formats (XSL, XSLT, WML, SOAP, EDI, RSS, etc.).

We will evaluate your project and give you an estimate.

Custom Screen Scraping / Data Harvesting

The Internet is filled with billions of pages of highly useful information. However, extracting the specific information you want from multiple sites or even from one site can be a long and tedious process. We can save you time and money by automating the process of gathering information from just about any data repository on the web. Whether daily headline scrapes on CNN or up to the minute stock quotes buried deep in Yahoo financials, we know how to scrape web data.

Click the link to the right to tell us about your data scraping needs.

Stealth Scraping

For various reasons, you may want to remain anonymous to the targeted website being scraped. To accomodate your needs, we offer proxy domain registration and anonymous hosting as well as scraping scripts that mimic real world users. Short of us receiving a court order, no one will know you are using a scraper.

Anonymous domain registration is $49.99 per year.

starting @ $49.99/month
Anonymous Script Hosting

ScrapeGoat deploys your data scraping service from our own servers. Our network infrastructure is built using the best hardware equipment and software available.

By using our servers, your data collecting activities are protected from undesired scrutiny. If your data scraping needs require hosting the service from your own servers, please contact us directly to discuss external licensing.

Automation Scripting

Do you have a repetitive task that is draining away hours of productivity? Perhaps a website needs to be updated daily or a classified listing which needs to be edited every hour to stay at the top of the list? We can automate nearly any Internet or computer task to save you hours of time and money. Custom macros, spiders, crawlers, bots, robots etc. for a mere fraction of what our competitors charge.

PDF, Images and Document Extractions

When the data you need is stuck inside of an image or pdf file, it can make it very frustrating to retrieve or manuipulate that data. Using ScrapeGoat's unique services, we can unlock the data buried in multiple file formats including pdf documents, MS Word and other RTF formats. Data Scraping from image files including TIFF's, JPG's, GIF's, PNG's and many others is not a problem for ScrapeGoat.

Anonymous Proxies

To prevent the overscraping of a website or data source, owners may temporarily block or even permanently ban IP addresses that repeatedly show up in their logs. If you are having trouble accessing a sites data, it may be that your IP address has been blocked.

We have custom built our own anonymous proxy network and deployed our servers across many different IP ranges. Our proxies keep your IP address safely hidden. To use our proxies with your current data extraction process, please contact us using the "GET ESTIMATE" link on the right.

Maintenance Contract

If you know your data source or targeted website will be changing frequently, we offer reduced maintenance fees to keep your scraper going. Purchase blocks of maintence hours for as little as $75/hr.

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