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Clean Port 80 Initiative (CP80)

CP80 is a non-profit organization aimed at providing internet users with a choice as to whether they recieve pornographic material from the internet or not when they surf. They plan to do this by passing a law in congress that will force purveyors of pornographic content to move their content to a different Internet "channel" (port).

A port is basically an identification number that tells your computer which program to send the information from the network to. Your internet browser is setup to recieve Internet content on port 80. Browsers can easily be modified to bring in internet content from any number of ports and you can choose which ports you allow to be open for recieving content. If pornographers were required by law to send their material on port 69 or 666 or something other than port 80, then if we didn't want to see pornography, we could just turn off that port.

It's about giving us a choice. They would not be limiting porn websites in any way, just making it easier to keep our kids (and ourselves) safe from porn's corruptive influence.

What does all this have to do with ScrapeGoat? I'm glad you asked. If CP80 were successful in their efforts, someone would need to enforce the new regulations. As a company who specializes in gathering and sorting information from the internet, we are uniquely poised to write software that will scan the list of major porn providers and monitor their content for port infractions. Once discovered, we would report those infractions to the proper authorities for resolution. Our software would allow us to automate this task without exposing our employees to explicit material.

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