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Case Studies
Where possible, we try to show different examples of the various types of scraping projects that we are involved in. We will soon have several examples below. These scripts will be live programs, running against actual target data. Please do not abuse them. If you are interested in another type of scraping application and we do not have an example below, please contact us to arrange a demonstration.

To be updated...
Data Extraction & Formating
-- We recently created this program for a mortgage company that needed 3rd party fee data for loans. They needed to capture the data from a prominent lender website and have it returned to them in XML format. This script accepts input for the type of mortgage loan needed, the mortgage amount, etc. This data is then passed to a 3rd party website where our bot logs into the site, submits the necessary parameters and mines through the resulting data to return current 3rd party fees in XML format.

To be updated...
Client side javascript parser
-- A client was only allowed to put a minimal amount of javascript on an affiliate sales confirmation page. This severely limited their ability to track any of the results or to create their own email lists, etc. We created a small javascript to scrape all of the necessary data from the confirmation page and send that data back to a more robust tracking page that could interact with a database.

To be updated...
.NET C# data scraper
-- A client needed to collect book descriptions and prices using a list of ISBN numbers. This is an example of the application we created for them to find and scrape listings from a prominent Utah bookstore.

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